Getting ready

Great things come with great sacrifices: leaving behind all the things you love (my poor high heel sandals! those who know me will understand my sadness:) ), all the comfort,  good friends, great jobs with incredible people.

Here’s some proof of that: Vasile’s boss actually threw a farewell party at his place for us. Great food, drinks, and especially cake! Thank you, Brent, Jane & Co.! We had a fabulous time! So for anyone out there needing a good paint job, you can’t find better than Benchmark Painting! Best people, best quality, best jobs (if German quality tells you something, Brent is German:) )

My colleagues at Avigilon didn’t make it easy for me to leave either. After a great lunch at a Mexican restaurant (just to get into the Latino Spirit)…

…I had a great farewell in the office, with cupcakes baked by one of my colleagues (thank you Havovie! – I can’t believe you actually carried them in the skytrain), presents, and a beer cart walk around (thank you Allison!)

I will miss you guys all! I’ve been fortunate to work and party with you. But hey guys, you might have a super high tech camera that will enable you to see what I am doing in South America, I would not be surprised:)

But then after the party comes the even more fun part: the packing:(

Here’s a girl’s idea of light packing

And here’s a guy’s idea of same

Well, not to0 much of a difference, no? Just the colours.


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