HE chose the bike best suitable for what lay ahead. Any decent rider should know there can only be one – the KTM 990 Adventure. Its pedigree is ready to take on all comers in a stylish free for all fashion.

I purchased my bike one year and two months prior to departure and ever since it was a non-stop steep learning curve. Watching youtube videos everybody thinks they can spin the wild big elephant by the tail, but when one saddles the dragon they’d better hold on, cause there’s only two ways to get off: in a hurry or ride it off. In the same package with the bike came a life-time friendship that words and a blog cannot do proper justice.

The bike as it comes out of the factory is ready for an adventure, but here is the list of mods that I did. Starting from the front:

–        Rims: Replacing the stock 2.15 rim with Excel 1.85 rim (which is much more suitable for the off-road and doesn’t sacrifice a lot of the smiles on-road).

–        Front Suspension: Super Plush .70 Spring load (“Stiffler” Suspension… when you wanna’ turn that marshmallow “into an offer you can’t refuse”).

–        Windshield: KTM Touring (so you don’t have to stop every 30 km and clean the pizza off your visor).

–        Lights: HID H4 Bi-Xenon High/Low beam bulb (not a must, unless you’re Radek dipping your toe into the Baja 1000 with the big elephant)

–        Crash Guards: SW Motech

–        Cooling Fan: Secondary Cooling Fan from KTM Twins (a must have fan if you want to fly hiiigh like a butterfly when you pass through a 45 degree gradient slope)

–        Skid Pate  – Touratech (or Black Doggy Dog from KTM twins as my much better riding friend has – must have unless you want to visit the doc for an engine rebuild).

–        Side Stand Relocating Bracket (a must have if you want to keep that smile on and the $4000 engine rebuilt in your pocket)

–        Foot pegs Extensions: KTM Twins ZipTy Racing KTM 690/950/990 Adventure Enduro Foot peg Extension Kit (better control of the bike, less pulling on your controls)

–        Luggage System: Jessie Backs with pannier mounting bags.

–        Mod (Motorcycle Overland) Rear Rack.

–        Roto Packs 2 gallon Jerry Cans with mounting bracket (for the petrol head)

–        Tires: Hydenau K60 Scout Front and Rear (tires of choice)

–        Oxford Heated Grips

–        Acerbis Hand Guards

–        12 V outlet

–        CrashBar Bags

–        Maintenance Prior to the trip

  • 75,000 KM:
    • Valve clearance
    • New rear wheel bearings
    • New spark plugs

*79,000 KM:

– New air filter

– cleaned pre-air filter

– new front bearings

– new sprocket carrier bearings

– coolant flush

– oil change
– brake fluid change

– clutch fluid change

– new clutch kit

BMW F650 GS Twin

SHE chose the best bike for HER needs due to the physical limitations and she bought the best bike money can buy. But don’t let that fool you. This is the “pink crush” of the female world: silky smooth and flick-able like a stripper shoe.

–        As it comes from the factory the bike is suitable for reasonable gravel roads.

–        But a suitable skidplate is a must for a low-clearance motorcycle.

–        Touring windshield, SW motech pannier racks, BMW hand guards and engine guards.

–        Mod Motorcycle Ovealand Rear Rack.

–        Givi paniers.

–        Foot pegs extensions.

–        Battery Volt Meter.

–        Tire of choice (Hydenau K60 Scout)

  • Maintenance prior to the trip.
    • Valve adjustment.
    • Spark plugs.
    • Check air filter.
    • Front and rear bearings check.
    • Coolant flush.
    • Brake fluid flush.
    • Oil and filter change.
  • Spare parts (for both bikes):
    • Brake Pads
    • Fuel Filters
    • Air filter (just for BMW)
    • Front and rear sprocket for KTM (because I already have them)
    • Oil filter.
    • High pressure oil hose (2 ft)
    • Tools and tire repair kits (electric compressor and hand pump, chain lube and lots of chain cleaner)

And the secret ingredient – SMILEY SIDE UP, RUBBER SIDE DOWN!!! 


As you can probably tell, I didn’t write the blurb above. If I were to describe the bikes, it would’ve been something like:

“My bike: A cool BMW, silver (unfortunately not red as I ordered – too bad, it would have matched my hat), umm… two wheels….round (still), two mirrors (yeyyyyy)” – or something like that. Sorry, mechanics is a language that I don’t speak. That’s why I’m a girl. And that’s why I have Vasile:)

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One thought on “Bikes

  1. Alina

    You scared me with all the technical terms, I was about to ask you where you hid my friend Cami, but it’s still you. Great Bike, though I would never choose anything that has less than four wheels.

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