About us

We are a couple of regular people, born in Romania (Transylvania) and now living in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada. We love the outdoors and exploring new places all the time, therefore we decided to take one year off and live the dream.

Some details about us:

Me, Cruella Deville…

Umm, I meant Camelia, the girl who rides a motorcycle but knows nothing about mechanics or technical details.

And Vasile, the guy who’s always wearing a suit and tie

Just kidding. I saw him in a suit twice in 10 years. He is actually the mechanics guru (seriously). Between you and I, that’s the main reason I’m bringing him along 🙂 Bikes have no secrets for him.


2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Anna

    Hello! I’m thinking in crossing the darien gap by boat (even after reading about your experience! ;-P) and I’d love to get more info on the kind of boats that sail there… if you have any thing ab out it, would it be possible to get it contact with you?
    thank you!!

    • Hi Anna,
      I do recommend you to do this, at least once in a lifetime:) And if you don’t do it in December, it might not even be that bad. Unfortunately I don’t have more info about the boats that are sailing the Darien Gap aside from what I have put in the blog already. But you can google “sailing the Darien Gap” or something and you will find lots of information, for sure. From my research at the time, it looked like Stahlratte was the best boat to take, but it was fully booked. Please keep in mind that all boats are usually booked well in advance.
      Have fun and safe travels!

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