So long mi Colombia querida

The highlights/ events of the ride from Medellin to the border with Ecuador, ride done in 3 days:

  1. Said goodby to Al  and Frank at Shamrock and off we go.

IMG_3578       2. Accident on the road. Luckily on bikes we managed to squeeze by, so we didn’t lose much time.

IMG_3584       3. Got stopped by police for speeding. I cannot believe they stopped us….only now! Showed papers, apologized, asked for forgiveness and…forgiven! For the first time when I am stopped by police and I don’t get a ticket! In Canada I got a ticket at my very first offence. All people I know got away with a warning the first time, but not me. It felt so good to get away with it here! Even police is nice here. But it did make us watch our speed …at least at times. The first country where we saw lots of radars.

4. Accident on the road again. Truck rolled over, off the road. Since the road was not blocked, we did not stop so no pictures taken.

5. Oil spill on the road from a big commercial truck. Thank God we saw it in time, so no disaster happened.

6. Epic ride through the hills with coffee trees.

7. Stop at the hot springs in Santa Rosalia. Beautiful place with a nice waterfall. Unfortunately no pictures taken, as we did not bring with us camera in the pools 🙂

8. Ride to the beautiful town of Salento. Good lunch with “arepa de todo”.

IMG_3600 IMG_3602     9. One of the most picturesque rides so far to Valle de Cocora. Very expensive place though (prices comparable to Canadian touristic places) so we did not stay overnight.

IMG_3604 IMG_3608IMG_3611IMG_3615     10. Third accident in two days: truck transporting oranges lost control in a turn and rolled over. Good oranges though 🙂 Once we found out the driver was ok, we could have some.

IMG_3644 IMG_3653

Statistics say that traffic accidents are the leading cause of death in Central and South America. And no wonder, they drive like maniacs.

One more time we are lucky we are on bikes. Vasile manages to find a very narrow space between the rolled over truck on the right and a big drop on the left and he squeezes the bikes through.


Meanwhile I stuffed my face with oranges. Literally (I had orange jus all the way to my ears). And not to be mean, but we enjoyed the ride on the twisties more after that – no traffic for a while. Crossing through two tunnels with no lights whatsoever. Peach dark.

11. Just wondering: how does a truck with five trailers take a 90 degree turn? I don’t want to know. We had to overtake it quickly, as it was kind of going in zig-zag.


11. Beautiful ride on nice twisty road through the Andes. I let you be the judges.

IMG_3634 IMG_3638IMG_3684 IMG_3698 IMG_3700 IMG_3704 IMG_3718 IMG_3724 IMG_3727

The only downside, Colombian roads are not too great. Paved, but more bumpy than a gravel road. But the scenery was so magnificent that we did not care about the road too much.

12. Woke up in the morning to find a huge spider/ tarantula? in the middle of our room. No heart attack yet. If I survived this, I’ll survive anything.

IMG_3738 IMG_3740     13. Ride to the border with Ecuador in cold, very busy traffic and pristine landscapes.


Border crossing ok, despite the warnings of the Foreign Affairs’ site to avoid land border crossing at all costs. No landmines, no guerillas and no armed groups so far.

Adios mi Colombia querida!

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One thought on “So long mi Colombia querida

  1. Cristinelul

    omg… camelia, how did you feel when you saw that spider in the room. I think vasile is getting the benefit of some really good ’emergency scene’ training 🙂

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