Puerto Vallarta

We left from Tepic this morning heading south towards Puerto Vallarta. The road was unbelievable! Switchbacks on the mountains with great luscious vegetation.

It made us feel like in Nepal, just with way better roads:). By the way, the road was unexpectedly good – nice and smooth asphalt. Just the traffic changed. In Baja we have been spoiled, the traffic was pretty good. Busy in the bigger cities, but still decent. As soon as we hit Mazatlan, we got to know the real Mexican traffic: impatient people, honking at you for wasting a second, not letting you change lanes in front of them, cutting you off etc. We have to be way more alert here. But we are getting used to it, we’re from Eastern Europe:)

The only downside of this road was that is was quite busy, with lots of commercial trucks that were slowing down the traffic (since it was a one lane road), so we had to keep overtaking them.

We got to Puerto Vallarta and we were planning to spend maybe an hour driving around to see what’s all about, thinking that it was just another gringos’ resort. Well, we got to love it even just from the bikes’ seats, so we decided to stay at least for the night, if not for another day. A nice policeman started chatting with us and he kind of discouraged us telling us that all accomodation in Vallarta is quite expensive, and we won’t be able to find something affordable. We were almost on our way out of town, when we stopped to gas up, and I asked the guy there if he knows of any decent economic motel or something. There was one, just one minute walk from us:) And they even let us bring the bikes in the interior patio. When Vasile was trying to bring his bike in, he had to ride on the sidewalk for about 5 meters. And here’s a police agent stopping him to give him a ticket for that. After a long discussion around it, we got away with buying him a bottle of water and giving him a pack of Canadian Spearmint gum:)

The hotel here is nice (Hotel Hacienda de Vallarta) and biker friendly, and it is right in the center of the Old Vallarta. I have a feeling I will spend some time around the pool tomorrow. The air is so hot and humid here.

After we took a shower we went for a walk in town, and we just got to like it even more. I have to admit, I’ve been very nicely surprised by this resort.

La Corona de Nuestra Senora Church

And then passing  by these guys, we were looking at them and we were thinking “Hey, what’s it called what they are doing? Oh yeah, work. We almost forgot”:)

And then in the plaza by the seawall there was an art exhibition of chalk painting:

Then we went and had a couple of beers at a bar on the seawall (the Old Vallarta), called Day Off Bar. Nice atmosphere, good beer.

The next day, we went for a walk in the residential area of the Old Vallarta. Amazingly beautiful, loved it!!! We even saw Elizabeth Taylor’s house, but unfortunately we have no pics of it, since we ran out of battery:(

Very interesting trees around here:)

I wouldn’t mind renting one of those little Mexican houses and spend a whole vacation there.

Here is a beautiful traditional Mexican costume:

And this is how you make tortillas:

We just found out that the time is different here, so our clocks were one hour behind. Which means, tomorrow morning we will have to wake up even earlier and hit the road.

On another note, a friend of ours from Romania, has an Irish Pub in our home town, Erin’s Pub. It was my favourite place to go out each night: great atmosphere, very good food. And when he heard we were doing this trip, he put a map on the wall and he tracks our trip, along with a bunch of other bikers and clients of the place, which I like to call friends. Here’s a picture of it:

Hugs to all of you from Puerta Valarta, Titus! Maybe you’ll jump on the bike and catch up with us soon:)

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6 thoughts on “Puerto Vallarta

  1. Perry & Marian

    Wow, the pics of Puerta Vallerta are bringing back memories – we were there in 1998 or 1999. And I agree, the little villas are so quaint, it would be wonderful spending a couple of lazy months just relaxing and sipping margaritas 🙂
    At the pace that you’re going, will it take a year to get to the tip of SA and then back again? You seem to have covered a lot of ground in 2 months!
    xo M
    PS The chalk painting of the tiger reminds me of the paint job on your car!

  2. Titus

    Mi-as dori ca maine sa va scriu ca am pornit inspre voi ….!

  3. All the pics are from the Old Vallarta, so I can see why it reminds you of your trip back in 1999.
    Yes, I think it’ll take us one year, since we are not going very fast, we are taking our time. And we still have a lot to cover. We have to be in Patagonia before March. I just booked the boat to cross from Panama to Columbia, for Jan.
    I loved the tiger too:)

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