Ensenada to Bahia de los Angeles

After our short and wonderful stay at Mount of Olives Orphanage, where we came as strangers and left as friends, we were ready to hit the road again. Matt and Robin headed back to Canada, and Vasile and I headed South to…wherever.

The landscape was unbelievable: forests of cactus trees in the desert.

The road had a lot of washout sections under construction, sign that the Hurricane Paul damaged it quite a bit. But other than that, it was pretty good, so we did over 400 km that day. Since we heard from a lot of people that Bahia de los Angeles is a beautiful place, we decided to go there and stay for a day, even though it was not quite on our way. And here is Bahia de los Angeles from the distance:

We found a campsite on the beach, apparently the best one in the area, for $10 a night. Beautiful view, but soon enough, as it got dark, I freaked out when I saw the huge cockroaches running around on the beach and in the toilets! I’ve never seen such big cockroaches. And those who know me know about my passion for bugs and arachnids. Thank God I haven’t seen any spiders yet!

But I guess this would compensate for my little friends’ presence:

As it was the first night sleeping only on my tiny self inflating mattress since my accident, I have to admit it was not very comfortable, so I did not sleep much. The next day early in the morning Vasile got up and took some picture of the sunrise. According to him, best sunrise he has ever seen, better even than the one we’ve seen on the Himalayas. I let you be the judge.

The water was incredibly nice and warm, so we could go for a swim. When I was about to get in the water, I saw a little sting fish darting away from my foot. I thought I was mistaking, but then people on the beach told me to be careful not to step on the sting fish, since their sting hurts like hell. I stopped and looked around, and I realized there were lots of them. I almost stepped on one, I touched it with my foot as I was walking in the water. That kinda freaked me out now, once I realized that they really were sting fish! But at the same time it was kind of neat to see these creature in front of me, not on TV. Then I almost stepped on a huge crab! I only saw it when it started running sideways away from my foot. These creatures are so well camouflaged; you can hardly see them in the water.

One more time, Sea of Cortes impressed me! One day of rest well spent.


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3 thoughts on “Ensenada to Bahia de los Angeles

  1. Alina

    Great pictures Cami, it’s like a collection of postcards. I’m glad you are ok and back on the road, so the adventure continues. Good luck and take care.

  2. Wow…WHY DID WE LEAVE??? Looks amazing. We are both thinking and talking about you both all the time. Thanks again for letting us share some awesome experiences with you both.
    Can’t wait to hear about the hike and the ferry trip. Ride safe

    • Hey Matt, yes, you are right, you guys should have continued with us:)
      There was no hike anymore. We could not find a safe place to leave the bikes around there and we didn’t want to take any chances – Vasile likes his bike too much:). More details to follow in a blog.

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