Puertecitos hot springs

I know, it sounds funny, no? Hot springs, in the desert of Baja? Like they need hot water in this temperature!

Well, it looks like they do have hot springs, in Puertecitos, about 90 km from San Felipe. Peter, one of the friends we made here at Kiki’s, asked us if we wated to join him there today. First I though: “No, sorry, I can’t take a day off tomorrow”. But then I thought “Oh, wait, I don’t have to go to work tomorrow”. Actually, right now, I don’t have to go anywhere. So in the morning we went first to the Saturday market at Golden Ranch here, by San Felipe, where we had a delicious burrito and a freshly squeezed orange juice. And then we walked around and saw all the beautiful traditional stuff that people were selling.



Then we headed to Puertecitos. On the way there, we stopped by a beach with a big whale skeleton. I can only imagine the smell while that big animal decomposed!


Just to clarify: this was NOT our lunch, as some friends insinuated already. Vasile might eat a lot, but still:)

Once we got to Puertecitos, we were told that the tide is too high, and the water covers the hot springs, so we would have to wait until 6pm when the tide is low.

Puertecito looks like a cute little village, that once a year is probably host to a lot of people. But now it was so quiet, there was hardly anyone there. It almost looked to us like a ghost village.





As we were getting hungry, we started to look for a restaurant. Turned out the only restaurant open this time of the year was Caw Patty, about 3 km out of Puertecitos. Very interesting restaurant, worth stopping by:

The Menu: Hot dogs and beer. After a short debate wether we should have hot dogs and beer, or hot dogs and beer, we decided to have some hot dogs and beer!!! Good hot dog though.

I would like to come back here in the peak season sometime, just to see how the village revives. I am sure it’s a lot of fun!


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