Coco’s Corner ride – post edited by Matt Edwards

The little” incident” Cami had on the gravel road changed the loosely planned adventure we had been planning. There was no thought of where we were going next  or what road to try out, it was all about making sure Cami was ok. She needed time to allow the sore muscles and bumps and bruises to heal. Vasile’s focus was on making sure Cami was as comfortable as possible. His next challenge was fixing the bike. I thought I could help. I looked up the costs on line for all the broken parts…..$900!! Vasile  said ok, but thought he would just start fixing what he could one part at a time. First the turn indicator light, next the glass for the tach was replaced using a broken piece of the plexi windshield, carefully cut and sanded, crazy glued in place and siliconed  Next the JB weld epoxy and an artists keen eye had the five broken pieces of the plastic front panel carrier back  into one solid bracket. Piece by piece I watched with amazement as Vasile reconstructed the bike, but I kept saying “you need to order that windshield as soon as possible”…
Two days after Camelia’s swan dive onto the gravel she was starting to feel better and said that Vasile and I should go for a day ride together on Saturday. The hotel room at the campground was booked for Saturday night so we would need to be back by one or two pm to move from the room to a tent site. We wanted to leave San Felipe and ride to Coco’s corner then on to Mex hwy 1 and come back down the same gravel road to San Felipe (over 400km and 5 hours of riding ) so we agreed to get up at 5am. I was so excited I barely slept. I woke every hour but missed 5am. It was 5:30 when I got up and squeezed Vasile’s toe in the next bed who was up and ready to go in minutes. We pulled out of the campground at 6am and headed off to find breakfast in the dark. The local corner store had coffee and a sandwich and we picked up a light snack for the day. We hit the road at 6:45 as the sun was just starting to rise.
I prayed right away for safety and for a great day and that we wouldn’t be too crazy. By 6:55 Vasile was stuck up to his axles in soft soft sand while playing on the trails beside the road out of town.
I could hear him on the intercom whooping and laughing as he plowed through the sand, then I heard the grunting, panting and groaning as he wrestled the stuck bike back to the road. All he heard was me killing myself laughing at his misfortune. The sun cast  a fun shadow of us and the bikes on the desert around us as we headed south.
The first part of the ride was on pavement but we were both stoked when we finally hit the sand and gravel. The gas station we had planned to get gas from greeted us with a sign saying they were out of gas! No worries… lets go. We passed a gas station that had been closed when we went passed the last time with Cami. We stopped and checked they would be open on the way back. They would be open till 2pm. Vasile said we would be back by 1. And away we went. Me in the lead and Vasile close behind. We rode fast on the unburdened, light KTM steeds.
Flying over small humps in the road, the occasional tank slapping through sandy areas and picking our way though the rocky sections. Off in the distance we saw a vehicle leaving a dust cloud behind them. It was the first we had seen since leaving the gas station. As we caught up to them we saw it was an army truck with about 15 gun toting soldiers standing in the back.
The dust was so thick I could hardly see ahead,but after a few minutes he pulled over a little to the right. Perfect…I hit the gas to pass. Vasile had a better view. Through the dust he saw that there was a right turn coming up. He was surprised and impressed that I was going to attempt to pass in the corner. As the truck started into the corner he swerved to the left forcing me off the road into the deep soft sand over a six foot drop off through bushes. Thanks to the newly installed steering stabilizer I opened my eyes and was surprised to see I was still on the bike and upright. I spotted a little goat trail alongside the road and managed to follow it about 200 meters before finding a spot to climb back onto the road ahead of the now startled truck driver. Vasile thought I had crashed when I disappeared off the side of the road and was as shocked as I was to see me still up and riding, pulling ahead of the truck. I am sure my guardian angle was working feverishly for a few minutes moving rocks, trees and pushing the bike up when it almost went down!!
Somehow we made it to Cocos corner.
Coco greeted us and offered us an ice cold drink from his solar powered fridge. Coco lost both his legs at the knee from diabetes and has been greeting travelers and getting them to sign his guest book in the middle of the desert for 22 years.
He entertained us with stories including tales of the Baja 1000 passing by and going through the lake close to MX1.
We told Camilias sad tail and I said that Vasile had single handidly rebuilt the bike except we needed  to order a new windshield. Coco said that a guy had come through a while back and had taken his windshield off his big BMW as it was giving too much air turbulence. We could have it if we wanted it …..for free!
Coco gave us directions to the lake that was now dried up telling us we have to go there. It was only a mile off the road and well worth the effort. We ripped around the lake bed and had a blast.
Passing through Cocos corner we picked up the windshield. Vasile strapped it  to the bike. When we tried it on the bike when we got back to camp, all it needed was 6 holes drilled and Vasile would be done. I now believe nothing is too far broken that can’t be saved by a master creator. About 20 minutes after leaving Cocos Vasile got a flat in his front tire. He had it changed in 30 minutes and we were back to flying down the bumpy, sandy, hilly crazy awesome trail. We eventually reached the gas station as the clock struck 1. Vasile figured we didn’t need much gas and put in 5 liters. There was only one pump and a truck had pulled up between us and it looked like it would be a while.Vasile is usually the one to push gas… but this time  I figured I could make it with the gas I had so we blasted off again. My low fuel light came on 65km earlier than normal due to the fast crazy riding and I figured I was going to run out about 15-20km short of San Felipe.Vasile was looking forward to humiliating me by towing me into town…. but my angel was pushing and my engine quit 100mtrs before the gas station and I managed to coast into the pump. 93km with the low fuel light on and 23.4ltrs to fill up the tank!
Now that was a true ADVENTURE ride. And I got to ride side by side and share an awesome experience with a great friend.
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