San Felipe

In San Felipe we stayed until late, singing Romanian folk, accompanied by Traian’s guitar. We probably kept the whole campground awake:)

And this is what I saw from the “window” of my palapa when I woke up this morning:

Then we went to the beach for another short session of folk singing and a swim. The water is incredibly warm and nice.

Then we realized that in order for us to cross from La Paz to Mazatlan, we need import permits, which apprently are issued at the border. And we do not have them. So here we are riding back through the desert back to the border. We rode again by this white field of salt flats.

We get to the border just so they can tell us that that’s not the right place to go, we have to ride about 10 km to Garita 2. We get there and we spend about 2 hours walking from an office to the other, as they send us, to get our papers. Happy to finally have them (and sad to be a few hundred dollars lighter), around 5 pm we start riding back to San Felipe. It is a 2-3 hours ride, so half of it (parts of it gravel road) was in the dark (against all the advices we’ve got not to ride in the dark). But we got to San Felipe safe and sound, we had some delicious tacos, and now we get hydrated with some beer (it was again 38 Celsius today, so we all got very dehydrated riding; I have never felt so hot in my life, and those of you who know me, it will probably be hard for you to believe that I complained about being too hot!!)

Robin decided to return to the states and then back to Canada. So we rode together to the border, said good bye, and parted ways. Thanks for the awesome ride together Robin. We will miss you! Matt will keep going with us for a little while.

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4 thoughts on “San Felipe

  1. Ehren

    Who’s the white Walrus behind you at the beach….haha…. Oh sorry, that’s Vasile….

  2. Dorothy

    So glad you are okay, Cami. How about Jacob, just “passing by”. Really an angel eh?

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