Fun in the sand pit


Matt told me that he was going to take me riding in the desert today. A lot of you that know me will know that I get pretty excited about things like this.

We started off around noon going toward Joshua Tree National Park in the Mojave Desert. My day changed as soon as I turned my ABS off.

Once off the pavement, we hit some really nice sandy parts with a lot of big boulders, some paved patches, crossing the San Andreas fault. It took me only a few seconds to warm up in the sand, and then I realized I had to be on the throttle in order to keep the smile round:)

We went through a canyon, which was the most technical part of the way.

Then we got up on a ridge, on more sandy and flowy stuff. That’s where Matt kicked it in high gear.

All in all, it was a really beautiful, scenic landscape, with Joshua Trees on both sides of the road. The temperature was just right for riding in the desert (87 F).

We stopped after a pretty fast sandy section for lunch and we met three guys from New York on BMWs 1200 GS. The only time a BMW rider doesn’t brag about their bikes, it’s in the sand:) It was probably hard for them, but they complimented our bikes.

We took the highway out of the park and rushed back to our time share to hit the well deserved swimming pool.

We had a really, really great day, and now we are having stake dinner with our girls, and preparing to cross the Mexican border tomorrow, early in the morning.

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2 thoughts on “Fun in the sand pit

  1. Craita

    Where did you get that sandwich? Is Marina with you. too? Or that is not a real one – it’s just the power of imagination.

  2. They bought a whole bread in a sandwitch:) And they were still hungry

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