Good people still exist

Yesterday we had a nice surprise: Cristian, a very good friend of ours, came to join us in Lavenworth. He will be riding with us for 4 days (Chris, I hope you didn’t quit your job at the bank againJ ). He got here in the middle of the night, making Vasile believe someone stole his bike (Chris is riding the same bike, a KTM 990).

In the morning, at breakfast, we met this little nice lady, Clarice, who offered us to stay at her cabin, close to Bend, called La Pine. For FREE!!!! We could not believe how generous she was!

So we hit the road (zero degrees Celsius outside) and we kept riding through these really nice winding roads all the way to Bend. We found Clarice’s husband, Karl, who was more than welcoming and he invited us inside. The cabin was more than we would have ever expected. This cute little thing with a really old TV, stove and fridge, it reminded me of my grand parents’ house. A really nice cosy little place where we cooked some sausages and we had dinner and a glass of wine. Thank you Clarice and Karl!

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7 thoughts on “Good people still exist

  1. Perry & Marian

    What a trusting couple. If you & Vasile drove up to our ‘porch’…………..well, we would probably do the same thing but also ask to take your bikes out for a spin!. Halfway to Mehico. Take care!

  2. Craita

    If I had known that you had sausages for breakfast, I would have joined you in the middle of the night as other people did. I hope it’s never too late!

    • No, it’s never to late. And I have a picture that proves you are riding a bike, so you can join us anytime:)
      Chris turned around yesterday, I hope he did not get home by morning. I know he can ride 1500 km in one day, but I am hoping he did not do that:)

  3. Craita

    Cris got home yesterday around noon, but I didn’t get a chance to talk to him more than 3′ because he had a very important “date” with Cesar’s turkey.
    Hasta la vista mi amigos!

  4. Cristinelul

    hahah… the correct number Cami is 1901 km :)) no and this I stopped at a motel much sooner – I “Chickened out” 🙂

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